Monday, 16 July 2018

Book Review: ASCENSION by Kala Trobe

Prolifically littered throughout with a colourful diversity of occult, spiritual, religious and pop culture references (from 80's Goth bands to Rupaul's Drag Race) that will undoubtedly delight many readers, "Ascension" tells a story of spiritual progress made over life times.

Set far in the future, the unfolding chapters follow the lives and thought processes of a group of individuals scattered across different locations who were once all members of an experimental rock band (Magikore) back in the 1990's in incarnations gone by.

"Ascension" is an engaging, magical work of literature and a journey in itself which will provoke internal dialogue within many esoterically inclined readers around their own thoughts on notions of the immortality of the soul, reincarnation, spiritual development and elevation, the ecological state of the planet, organised religion, karmic debt and soul tribes, to name a few.

The stresses, strains, pains and complexities of the human condition, our vices and virtues, our ugliness and our beauty, are brought to light, explored and mused upon with the sophisticated and insightful depth of consideration that Kala Trobe's work is known for.

Such profound themes, woven with powerful imagery, multiple multi-layered word plays and puns, rich, decadent and poetic vocabulary, unleash a psychic tidal wave on the senses. I found myself feeling like I'd received some kind of mental upgrade by the time I was finished with this text.

I would recommend reading "Ascension" fairly slowly, taking in the ideas, clever use of language and powerful internal visuals, bit by bit, digesting each chapter as one might take their time eating the courses of a skilfully crafted gourmet meal.

I always enjoy reading the occult fiction of those who also write occult fact. Fiction provides a doorway and insight into an esoteric author's perception of the worlds (physical and astral) that the purely instructional and educational metaphysical cannot (although to be fair, Kala Trobe has managed to give readers ample glimpses of this in some of her non-fiction works, particularly "Magic of Qabalah", "Invoke the Gods" and "Invoke the Goddess").

Highly recommended!

SHAKTA by Seth David Rodriguez

Wednesday, 11 July 2018



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Monday, 26 March 2018

Thank you St Joseph: A Public Testimonial

Thank you St Joseph for answering my prayers! As is traditional when the saints answer our prayers, here is my testimony:
My parents have a nice house and were trying to sell it last year. They had someone put it an offer which they accepted but they weren't happy with the offer and the woman trying to buy it was quite demanding and pushy. Thankfully she pulled out at the last minute (after I gave offerings to the house spirits saying it might be nice for her not to live there after all haha!)

They took the house off the market over the Christmas period but then put it back on sale at the beginning of this year. Three months in and there was no interest, so my atheist/agnostic parents ask me if there is anything I know that might help. I know St Joseph is very traditional to pray to in house selling, you can even buy St Joseph Sell-Your-House Kits in Catholic supply shops. Being the patron of fathers and carpenters seemed especially auspicious since my father is both of those things.
I prayed a 9 day novena to St Joseph at my ancestor altar where I do any of my Saint work, using a traditional prayer asking for a smooth and rapid sale for a good honest price. Before the 9 days was up they had two or three viewers in quick succession. An offer was made but it wasn't quite the price my parents were asking for. I extended the 9 day novena by a couple of more days and the people who were interested increased their offer to a price everyone is happy with. BAM. That was fast.
Thank you St Joseph. I'd also like to add that there are traditional practices out there where you bury a St Joseph statue upside down or do something mean to his image to threaten him into working faster for you. Many will tell you this is a folk practice, not acceptable by the Catholic Church, but I found this practice being given on some very official looking Catholic websites. Threatening spiritual beings in magic in order to get faster results is a practice as old as the hills.
I tried giving it a go at the beginning of the novena but felt mean and got bad vibes from it, so I apologised and just removed that segment of the novena practice. St Joseph is also the first saint I ever prayed to many years ago when I did my first ever road opening and job finding working. Got the results fast, he really is a wonderful and powerful saint. As promised, my atheist/agnostic parents will now make a donation to a charity in his name and will be sure to have an image of him in their new home.
St Joseph's feast day is 19th March, which fell during my novena (a happy "accident" for me)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. To celebrate, I am offering my own special New Year Tarot Reading. This reading will look at the themes and influences coming up for you in 2018, looking into each month. Tarot and Oracle cards are also drawn to uncover key overall themes and messages to contemplate for the year. 

This is the first time I am offering a specifically pre-designed spread to my customers. You will receive a 40 minute audio recording which you can download and listen to in your own time. The cost is £20.00 and payment is made via Paypal. 

This New Year package reading will be available for the entire month of January 2018. To book, simply email me at More personalised readings are of course available, as usual.