Here's what some of my clients have had to say about my readings:

"Seth is a professional reader and cartomancer - and when I say professional that is some of the highest praise I can give. Seth sent a clear recording to me and his interpretations, communications, and advice was coherent, incisive, insightful, and resoundingly relevant. I will certainly be returning to Seth for readings in the future!"

 - Gede Parma (aka Fio), published author, initiated witch of the Wildwood and Reclaiming Traditions, and magical mentor and spirit-worker. www.gedeparma.com

"I have appreciated Seth's passionate, informative videos and writing about spirituality and his practice for years now, so to receive a reading was an honour for me. I have been a reader for decades and I am very particular about who I choose to read for me. Seth's reading for me was in depth and from start to finish, he went above and beyond most readings I have had.

He is very knowledgeable and has done extensive studies in his practice. He is a kind, gentle soul who was thorough and accurate in every possible way. I've never been in such awe during a reading in which he conveyed so much personal information without knowing me. You can tell he works on both an intuitive level and from divine source.

He took his time, with great care with my overall mindset and about each situation. I had a general reading and yet he wanted to be sure to cover all concerns or questions I may have had. Also his voice is incredibly calming and soothing and yet he reads with much confidence from a soul level of genuine compassion and love. At one point during the reading I was moved to tears. He is not just gifted as a seer but a healer as well. After the reading I felt a sense of peace, closure and reassurance. I hope to have him a soul source for guidance and intuitive advice many more times in my life. I am incredibly grateful for him. I highly recommend him, especially to family and friends." - Zora B, Author, United States

"I loved my reading, it was extremely accurate with my present circumstances. It was very clear to me and your interpretation was great!

 I can't say I love the outcome of the last reading but somewhere deep inside I knew it's going to be pretty much like you said, well, that's life! And thank you for explaining everything in a lovely way so I could feel positive throughout the reading. It was an awesome experience and I'll do it again!" - Paula, Manchester UK

"Recommended by a friend, I asked Seth to help me to analyse my current situation. Both readings, for my professional and personal situation were very useful. He's very intuitive, wise and takes great care of interpreting the cards. I could not be more grateful" - Alicia, UK

"I have been a professional Tarot reader and teacher for forty years and taught a course on Tarot as an academic subject at the University of Manchester, UK.

With regard to Seth Rodriguez, this gentleman has read for me a number of times and is both professional and friendly in his approach.  The readings he provided were extremely accurate and helpful to me and I am happy to provide an excellent reference.  Seth has a deep and thorough knowledge of Tarot and other esoteric subjects which he applies to his daily life.  He also runs a very interesting YouTube channel offering advice and skill sharing in a number of topics including crystals and scrying.

Please feel free to contact me at this email address should you require further details: fsimister@yahoo.co.uk" - Felix Garnet-Simister (Rev), Manchester, UK

"Seth produced a reading for me that was insightful and helpful.  The reading enabled me to look for signs in my life that maybe I would've missed.  I thought the reading was amazingly accurate and very professional and I would definitely recommend!" - David, UK

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