Monday, 20 March 2017

Faery Encounters - The Gancanagh

Massive tree I found in Midlothian.

Hello everyone.'s been a LONG time, many months, since my last blog entry. I've been busy! As it has been so long, I've had many ideas over the past few months on what to blog about and what to make videos on (I've been neglecting my Youtube channel a lot lately too). 

I guess one of the biggest reasons I've not made so many videos is because I've been busy with life. Over the past few months I've been reading Tarot pretty much on a daily basis. When not reading Tarot, I've been doing strange things out in the woods at night, as Witches are often wont to do. I also notice that the last time I made a blog post here it was before going on a little trip to Edinburgh in September. I also happened to be in Scotland last weekend too. 

Last weekend I had a few encounters with what I refer to as the fae. I've had more fae encounters in the last six months of my life than I think I have ever had before, so faeries and spirits of the land are on my mind quite a lot at the moment, so I thought jumping in on this topic would be a good starting point for me to get back into the discipline of writing blogs, making videos, putting more content out there, etc.

So at one point last weekend, whilst I was out in a fairly remote location in Scotland, in the dark, I told a friend (who is very well acquainted with the fae himself) a story about a close friend of mine and his creepy encounter with what he believed to be a faery. This was around four years ago. He'd made a Youtube video about his experience.

Just last night, this friend of mine had a comment on his video from four years ago about the encounter and he told me about it. I clicked on the link for his video and discovered in the side bar a link to a Youtube channel that sounded cool (spoiler alert: it IS cool) called Scary Fairy Godmother. There were lots of videos on this channel and for some reason I clicked on one at random about a faery called the Gancanagh.

As I watched the video, the description of the faery seemed to match what my friend experienced. I sent him the link and he freaked out. The video gives two or three stories of real life encounters with the Gancanagh and the second one has significant parallels with my friend's story. I'm going to post the video on the Gancanagh here, and my friend's video, (which was uploaded years before this one was).

If you enjoy learning about the fae/getting creeped out (the fae usually are creepy AF, let's face it) You'll probably enjoy these videos and the Scary Fairy Godmother channel. I suggest watching the video on the Gancanagh first, paying particular attention to the second story, then watching my friend's video below. Interesting, fascinating stuff!

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